Crack Stitching DPC & Lime Work Specialist building services
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Specialist Works

With a long established career in the building trade and a hand picked and trained team we have the skills and experience to provide specialist building services from Crack Stitching to DPC injection for total project solutions.

We are happy to undertake all elements of building work from new builds to extensions, conversions and renovations working with local materials to the surrounding landscape so your home stands out for the right reasons. We take pride in our attention to detail and the quality of our work.

Crack Stitching

crack stitching brighton

Old masonry building structures with cracks in walls require repair, commonly this type of structural defect is repaired using crack stitching techniques.

Crack stitching bars are inserted into slots that are cut into the wall, usually in the bed joints which can then be made good.

Stainless steel bars are inserted into the wall across the crack and bonded into the wall, stitching across the crack to reconnect masonry either side of it.

Crack stitching is a reliable, rapid and fully concealed method of reinforcing cracked walls.

Rising damp is caused by capillary action drawing moisture up through porous elements of a building’s fabric. This can result in Condensation, damp, skirting boards decay which can lead to Health problems.

Modern buildings avoid rising damp by the inclusion of a damp-proof course (DPC). Older buildings may not have a DPC. In this case, a chemical injected DPC can be inserted to create a continuous chemical barrier to rising damp.

A Chemical DPC is inserted through a series of holes determined by the wall construction and thickness creating a continuous barrier of  fluid that repels water and the wall is then made good and can be decorated as normal.

DPC Injection

DPC Injection

Lime Work

Lime Work

There has been a decline in traditional craftsmen able to work with Lime, leading to incorrect materials being used on restorations, causing further damage to our historic properties. lime mortar will allow the natural movement of the building to occur and keep the buildings damp free.

Lime mortar today is primarily used in the conservation of buildings originally built using lime mortar, but may be used as an alternative to ordinary cement

The soft and porous properties of lime mortar provide certain advantages when working with softer building materials such as natural stone and terracotta.

All areas across the South East covered, All work undertaken, Free No obligation quotes.

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